Whitlatch Words is but a fledgling trying her best to wing her way to you. Today YOU can help her soar.

A month ago this site was but an IDEA with no instruction manual on how to implement. It took flight only because two brilliant, patient and giving co-pilots jumped on board and took the stick. Thank you Bryan and Spencer. Today I’m flapping my wings and gradually learning what I didn’t know I didn’t know with happy hopes of one day flying solo.

It’s always been a flaw. I REALLY don’t like asking for help. But when an inspired IDEA lands in your heart that must be implemented, I’ve learned it’s ok to ask. Low and behold, actually beholding what is high and above, always delivers the exact help needed. It’s miraculous!

May I ask something of YOU? As every letter of every word is here for YOU and only YOU, I’d love to know what YOU think so far. I understand the latest trend is less words and more images, but I’m not one to follow trends and this site is aptly called Whitlatch Words,  SO THERE ARE ALOT OF WORDS.

This is when you enter the conversation. What do you think of Whitlatch Words? Any thoughts on the Free Trade Agreement or other pages?  Do you want more, or less, of what you see so far?  Of course I want you to swoon as you read every single word… but then I land back to the here and now and realize I’m just a girl of many years compelled to write and no one is compelled to swoon reading my ramblings.

Full disclosure. I was suppose to look at other sites for ideas. I didn’t. Other sites don’t matter to me. What matters is this site reflects ME. Hopefully, honest, loving, direct, changing, easy to be around and full of content. And I hope Whitlatch Words is unique, interesting and thought provoking so you’ll want to spend time here.

Please. I VERY much value YOUR comments, criticism and don’t feel obliged, but even a compliment of what you like would be helpful too, because Whitlatch Words exists ONLY for YOU.     Thank you in advance, Julie

2 thoughts on “Whitlatch Words is but a fledgling trying her best to wing her way to you. Today YOU can help her soar.”

  1. I enjoy each and every word !!! but .. Sometimes I don’t quite get finished. Not sure why, perhaps emotional – recess to reflect – time to digest each word. Nonetheless, your words are amazing and heartfelt. Thank you Julie
    Love you

    1. Linda,
      Could be I’m just so danged wordy with this affliction of REALLY LOVING TO WRITE. You have a full life and reading ALL of what I offer takes time away from real obligations and other pleasures. Can’t promise I’ll write less here but something is brewing that will be far less wordy via YouTube. The channel is already set and I’m playing with content now. Here we go again. It’s so exhilarating doing something new equipped only with passion, enthusiasm and thankfully a friend with knowledge. So stay tuned and watch for links on the home page.
      When you have a bucket of time check out the new message on the family and friends page… You’re always in my heart.
      I love you, Julie

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