Please, please, please. Don’t assume Whitlatch Words is at rest or vacationing. Quite the opposite…

Yes. September 2016 passed without a peep. What you must know is I’ve been peeping, chirping and even cackling like the happy hen I am. Please get details at the “YouTube, because there’s More Than This page because as of October 9th my first YouTube offerings are available. I’m loving them and I kind of think you’ll find them interesting. They are raw, unedited and because of my affliction for truth telling, they are that.
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Happiness (Yappiness) part 1 and 2
Habits and Auto-Pilot
Living Inside Out
Trust, There’s More Than This
“Good Timber” by Douglas Malloch
I Love You With No Shades of Gray
…and much, much More Than This

If you do, please “LIKE” these offerings and if you want to be notified when new videos land, please subscribe. I’m learning the skinny about YouTube and what I’m able to put on is quite limited until I get a bunch of viewings. That means viewings and “LIKES” are REALLY helpful and if you care to share with your family and friends and they also “LIKE” I’ll soon be able to offer more 0n More Than This” by Julie Whitlatch. Please and thank you.

Also, the audio version of THTH is in final edit and nearing ready for prime time. Truth… this audio recording is an unlikely, even impossible dream come true. But dreaming impossible dreams has always been my way and reading THTH to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, makes me so hap, hap, happy it brings a great big smile to my ever hopeful and shining face. Can you see my eyes fill knowing there are no barriers to stop what is meant to be? Please remember this and dare dream BIG IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS.

By the way, when you read “hap, hap, happy” I’ve not developed a typing stutter or impediment; this is word, word, wording from Traveling Home to Happiness.

Thank you for checking in at Whitlatch Words and I so look forward to yapping at you in voice.  Love to you, Julie