Julie Sitting ReversedWelcome to Whitlatch Words
No matter how you landed at my humble website amidst the limitless options of our vast cyber world,
it’s my belief you’re EXACTLY where you’re meant to be.
After all, what IS, IS and in this flicker in time/space

Family, friends and kind souls yet to meet,
if you don’t already know, I LOVE TO WRITE and
Whitlatch Words
is a gathering place to meet and chat if you like.
It’s my hope you’ll find the site pleasing so you come back again and again and I’ll try my best to have something new and interesting waiting for you.

To steady your footing, a quick overview.
 Whitlatch Words is of…
FREEDOM to exchange ideas, opinions and beliefs,
While still forming “a more perfect Union” and with all her flawed perfection,
I LOVE this one-of-a-kind nation and I’m thankful she is my home.

Why a website…
especially from one who shuns social media
and stumbles getting near anything computery? I’ll tell you,
I didn’t know in November 2015 when I asked my friend Robin at Fireserve
if she knew how to reserve juliewhitlatch.com.
Before I finished my question, I found out what a domain is and mine was reserved.
Then, December 24, 2015, alone in the middle of a huge snow crusted alfalfa field,
solo dancing to Martin Nievera sing The Promise and as clear and deliberate as my every step,
these 11 words…

“Above all, write and offer those words to others. It’s important.”

That’s but a blink of what happened that bright and brisk Christmas eve morning
and while I can’t know your measure of miracle or true phenomenon,
for me this qualified as both.
It’s unclear what’s so “important” but “write and offer to others” I must.
That day I began to write a LITTLE BOOK with A BIG STORY,
Traveling Home to Happiness, now my first published work.

If you know me, you know I wouldn’t offer something unless I felt it worthy of your consideration.
Heck, I can’t even sell my feathered girls fresh eggs and not because they aren’t delicious,
because I feel I’m pimping out the little darlings.
This is different. In my very partial view, this book is important.
While I’d love to give everyone Traveling Home to Happiness,
 I think when you come to know her many layers of wisdom
you’ll agree her value far exceeds her cost.
Plus, she’ll be remembered long after even the most incredible omelet has been forgotten.
Simply, please give Traveling Home to Happiness a go!

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Life is like a melody…
and if like me you feel a constant rhythm deep within your heart and soul,
you’ll understand why occasional links to songs are offered.
While my musical wish is to enhance your experience at Whitlatch Words,
it’s a fair bet you won’t like ALL my choices.
If notes are displeasing check out the lyrics as each selection is ALL ABOUT THE WORDS.
I’d print them for you but I think that would land me in copyright jail.
Thankfully MetroLyrics.com has immunity for that offence.

Drum roll please…
from different eras and musical genres’, singing out my overall feeling of why we’re together at juliewhitlatch.com
“Love Is The Answer”  by England Dan and John Ford Coley and
“If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback

Thank you for visiting Whitlatch Words at juliewhitlatch.com as it exists only for YOU!

Previously… About my offering of Traveling Home to Happiness

As I write, I’m more and more overcome with emotion…
It was only two years ago, 8/15/2014, we gathered at the old school in the small community of Merrill  to celebrate the life and mourn the sudden death of
William Noah Whitlatch.
God Almighty, AND HE IS, could not have convinced me that today I’d be offering
a little book with a big story of LOVE, HOPE, HEALING AND HAPPINESS.

When I was a little girl…
I dreamed I’d marry a strong and handsome knight in shining armor who loved me
as much as I loved him. Which was a lot!
We’d live in a beautiful house on a hill with our family of furry critters
and together live happily ever after…

I’m thankful I dared dream big as a little girl because that dream came true.
Bill and I lived a once-in-a-lifetime true love story and though our life ended 8/1/2014
in the middle of a huge alfalfa field, even the most tragic endings offer new beginnings.
I will always be grateful for what we had… the most precious gift of my lifetime.
While I wanted my story to end so I could be with Bill, I kept waking up… without him.
Today I can’t help think…
Bill knew I needed help, as he always did, to begin a new story, a new life, without him.
I see him with that great big smile and twinkling blue eyes
encouraging a little girl to put in motion another big dream.
In New Milford, Connecticut, he swayed toddler Aaliyah to toss her pink kitty slipper
into the box with the new vacuum cleaner hose,
bound for our house on the hill, near Merrill, Oregon.
He knew me better than anyone. He knew when the box landed here the bright pink color of the wayward slipper would grab my attention and a new dream would take flight.
Today that dream came true.
From Bill’s helping hand to yours… Traveling Home to Happiness.
And with eleven words from The Big Guy,
Above all, write and offer those words to others. It’s important.”
“I’ll toss my bound bundles of words to the sky. Like this unintentional little fable,
I don’t know where they’ll land or if they’ll be read, but write and offer to others, I must.”
(from Traveling Home to Happiness)

And so, I begin a new dream. A new life.  
I offer WHITLATCH WORDS with LOVE from a hopeful and ever healing heart because I think we are ALL Traveling Home to Happiness.

I’m thankful for realized dreams of yesterday,
hopeful for new dreams of today and look forward to many shared tomorrows at