1000 Days


1000 DAYS. 1000 DAYS have come and gone since my husband kissed me goodbye. We didn’t know on that already warm, very early August 1, 2014 morning it would be our last kiss and less than 5 hours later he would take his final breath. Please know we said “I LOVE YOU” many times a day. EVERYDAY. I’ve not a whisper of doubt he knew I loved him with all my heart and all my might. AND STILL DO. Yet another three words too often escaped me and though I’ve said them many times a day for 1000 DAYS, it will never be enough. “THANK YOU BILL.” THANK YOU BILL, for saying yes to that blind date in OCTOBER 1987. THANK YOU BILL, for loving me like no other would. THANK YOU BILL, for teaching me in life, and in death, what no one else could. THANK YOU BILL, for eating my dinner concoctions you didn’t like. THANK YOU BILL, for always picking me up when I fell with emotion or health matters. THANK YOU BILL, for being the grown-up when you needed to be and saying no when I thought you should say yes. THANK YOU BILL, for holding me in true love. THANK YOU BILL, for always kissing me hello and goodbye. THANK YOU BILL, for being such a brilliant man you will forever shine. THANK YOU BILL, for making me the luckiest girl in the world because we shared 27 years together. And though I said it many times in life, THANK YOU BILL, for working so hard we could enjoy our house on a hill and live a fairytale life.
Of course if you do, please tell those you love… “I LOVE YOU” but also this. IT is wonderful to say “THANK YOU” to the attendant at the gas station, to the waitress doing her job and to the clerk as we check-out with our groceries. Yet please, 1000 times I remind you, for all they do and who they are, please remember to say, “THANK YOU” to those you love.