My Quotes


A spattering of my quotes and book ramblings…

“You can’t yet know, what is yours to learn today.”

“I will not run, I will not hide from my feelings. I will not run, I will not hide from fear. I will face each day head-on and survive all that may come.” August 2014

“It matters not the color of the walls but how you feel when entering a room.” 2017

“As in politics, what you says matters not… it’s what you do that really counts.” 2017

“A caged bird may sing but only when set free will she soar.” 2017

“If trying to change minds please tell what you’re for, not just what you’re against.” 2017

“If you marry a paycheck you’ll forever be a pauper.” 2017

“It’s not my way to tell you what to think, I only wish that you do.” 2017

“Seems the best know it all it the one who knows they don’t know it all.” 2017

“I need no help to fight my battles because today I realize I have none.” 2017

“It’s harder to rally allies when we are our own worst enemy.” 2017

“In quiet of slumber… remember to look up.
In deep despair… remember to look up.
In all that is joy… remember to look up.
In hectic moments of busiest days… remember to look up.
In all that’s been… remember to look up.
In all that IS… remember to look up.
In all that MAY be… remember to look up.
Remember to look up. Remember to look up. Remember to look up.”

“Has YOUR day come when you dare ask? Are YOU the being you want to be? Are YOU living the life you were meant to live? Are YOU living in LOVE and TRUTH? Honestly answering those questions is a grand gift in wait that only YOU can give. Possibly the only greater gift is FREEDOM to implement change so you may smile and answer YES, YES, YES.”  10-8-2016

“If not for challenges of yesterday, no earned emotional muscles to flex today.” 10-6-2016

“How the holy heck did I land this grand mission of offering hope for happiness and truth? Miraculous!” 10-6-2016

“Think about it, bring about it.” 10-6-2016

“If spare with criticism and generous with compliments, more cause for the later always follows.”

“Don’t allow others to mold YOU into THEIR vision and version of YOU. Only YOU can be YOUR GENUINE SELF. Please trust within YOU that dear One is yearning to wake.”  10-6-2016

“Always give thanks for what you have and for what you have had. Never wish for what you can’t have or will never have. Never compare what you have or don’t have with what others have or have had. Be grateful for your own life… it’s all you have and it’s all you have ever had!”  8-29-2014

“I don’t have time, energy or inclination to feel sorry for myself or my situation… not even for an instant.”  4-8-2015

“Such fortunate few continue to embrace the wonderment of youth. We get so grown-uppity then wonder why happiness leaves us.”  6/8/2016

“For just as long as you find an excuse not to be happy, you won’t be.”

“For me, writing is breath… life. When time passes and I haven’t written, seems I’ve barely sustained life. Instantly, when writing resumes, I’m resuscitated. Full lungs, genuine life, again.” 3-15-2015

“It’s ok if folks question the truth in my words, that’s on them. My affliction for truth telling has me doing just that and I can’t bend words for false comfort.” 7/30/2015

“I’d rather folks question my sanity than assume I’m ordinary.” 1/20/2015 “What’s your measure of ordinary? Someone must be the best at ordinary, are they still simply ordinary?” 6/12/2016

“How can it be that one is made whole by incredible loss?” day after day

“A gift many run from… the dirty four letter F word, FEEL!”

“…you don’t have to be a grown-up to learn, you can’t change what you can’t change.”
Traveling Home to Happiness

“I’m like everyone else, a bundle of feelings and emotions. Maybe unique, realizing we all overflow with LIMITLESS LOVE. Maybe unique since I feel it all and if folks happen to be near those feelings are witnessed. Such efficient and humane way to live. Energy is conserved, no need for drugs or alcohol, stuffing food, or ill thoughts for self or others. No need to stifle or bury feelings. What is felt is felt. What is real in the flicker of each moment is acknowledged and felt. Only when absolutely necessary, perhaps when another has involvement, are feelings held in wait for a new day.” (A bona fide rambling!)

“He has so much to tell, why reserve just one day for Him? Or, only prayer? I choose an ongoing conversation in this cathedral of what IS.” 4/30/2016

“To offer this vulnerable self, damaged, raw and teetering naked from an imaginary cliff, yet for all of time The Other sees you shine in the reality of flawed perfection always ready to break your fall.”  5/28/2016

“Take great care in folding and molding yourself for another or one day you’ll wake to a stranger.”  6/8/2016

“So many bright lights! Yet beings consistently allow others to dim their brilliance. Wake and shine.”  6/10/2016

“When my knight in shining armor left, I was gifted a powerful tempered shield that would save me from all.”

“My choice is neutral. That way always a conscious shift for change to slow gear, fast forward, cruise, reverse even. If always zooming forward, soon we run out of gas. If always on cruise or auto-pilot, each day passes without our notice or care. If always in reverse, we live in the past and fail our gift of a new day. If stuck in park, we are simply that… stuck. Yes, for a static setting, my choice is neutral.”  6/10/2016

“If unwilling to accept ‘miracles’, please at least be aware of astonishing ‘coincidences’.” 6/10/2016

“There are SO few undeniable truths. Question everything. Don’t cling to the safety of what you think you know as that rope of singular knowledge will choke you. Fly with free thinking to realize impossible miracles of the mind.”  6/12/2016

“Hold your heart and head up high. Don’t hide from the miracles of the mind?” 12/24/2015

“It’s not my way to worry much, but I’ve grave concern for this. Is it possible to feel empathy for others, when we don’t feel our own pain?”

“Be aware! Most decisions are made based on Love or Fear, and nearly ALWAYS FEAR… (FEAR, dirty rotten four letter F word).”

“We bind ourselves in cloaks of fear. Trouble is, goodness and LOVE can’t be seen or felt when dawning dark and heavy cloaks. Worst yet, they are magnets for doubt, negativity, blame, criticism and all that keeps us from the Light.”

“We are all flawed perfection.”  Traveling Home to Happiness.

“Our authentic self is true and content. Others can’t make us authentic, that’s the individual’s right and duty to self.” 7/7/2016

“I care far more about how things are, than how they look.”

“Knowing you can do something well doesn’t mean you must do it. Knowing you may fail at something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.”

“Free to fail. Free to shine.” 12/24/2015

“I may be one of the calmest, most peaceful displays of spirited and powerful energy on earth.” 4/1/2016

“Reality is a slippery state. It takes great effort to find and know, yet made easier with practice until one day it’s the only place of comfort.”

“News flash: most of it is commentary.”