About Julie

Julie Deck

Every picture tells a story.

Consistent with my life story, coincidences, I prefer mini-miracles, continue to find me.
Upon signing with Infinity Publishing I received a detailed list of requirements for submitting
Traveling Home to Happiness.
“Author photo resolution 300 dpi or higher.”
Yikes. Didn’t even know what dpi was.
A couple days later at an already planned visit
with friend Vonne Wilcox,
I learned artful and accomplished photographer friend
Kriss Riggs was to be in Klamath a few days later.
Part of her already planned visit
was a trip to Tater Patch Quilt Shop in Merrill,
fifteen minutes from me.

And so it was. The need for one photo became the unexpected gift of a photo shoot yielding over four hundred images. Please note the back cover of a certain partly true fable, more photos to land on this website and this image, the favorite of a lovely and generous photographer friend who “happened” by my remote area when I needed one photo.

About me.

Family, friends and kind souls yet to meet,
December 24, 2015, solo dancing in the middle of a huge snow crusted alfalfa field,
as clear and deliberate as my every step, these eleven words…
“Above all, write and offer those words to others. It’s important.”
That was but a blink of what happened that crisp Christmas eve morning and
I knew the direction of my life story had just changed. Again.

Life takes many turns, some never of our making or choosing. However, it is only our choice how we continue our life journey. If gifted a new day, and each is a GIFT…
“Always give thanks for what you have, and for what you have had.
Never wish for what you can’t have, or will never have.
Never compare what you have or don’t have with what others have or have had.
Be grateful for your own life…  it’s all you have and it’s all you’ve ever had.”

Those words came out of me August 29, 2014, 28 days after my healthy and oh so loved husband of 25 years was killed in a plane crash. Bill was my everything. BillandJulie, JulieandBill, died that day too.
But I kept waking up.
Over and over, I bargained with the Big Guy, don’t let me wake. Let me be with Bill.
But I kept waking up.
Christmas eve 2015 I finally found out why in those eleven words. I live to write to you…
Thank you, I appreciate your gift of time.

Last, these thoughts for you.
I’m convinced. You should write your life bio. Over and over. Every couple years.
Give thought to your life. Put in print how you are choosing to live your gift of life.
Then, when your last day comes, no more bios to write, no more life to live,
YOU will smile free of regret knowing you lived in awareness, the life of your choosing.