YouTube, because there’s More Than This


I’m so excited, seems you should HEAR me SMILE! On October 9, 2016 I launched another venue!
If ever in the mood to HEAR or SEE me,
please check out my YouTube channel appropriately called
More Than This.
Please know the videos are me winging my way through life. Topics include: Grieving, Love and Truth, Happiness Helpers, Politics, Country Life and I’ll even sing to you, what I call “silly singingness.”
Each video is unrehearsed, raw and unedited.
Each video is 100% ME!!!

I hope you’ll find my YouTube channel interesting enough to “subscribe”
and if you do, please “like” my videos.
Most important I hope you come back again and again because
there is “More Than This” to come on my channel.

More Than This YouTube Channel

With love and thankfulness for another day to offer you, More Than This,