Traveling Home to Happiness

coverFor Brilliant Beings from 2 to 102 Traveling Home to Happiness

Curiously compelling, this friendly romp of discovery delivers timeless wisdom and happiness helpers to aide EVERYONE as they wing their way through
their life’s journey.

Have you wondered how a story of a wayward slipper, a snout snorting pug, a howling long hair doxie and a kindhearted grown-up lady, with a great big smile, could TRULY be for readers from 2 to 102? Flapping through pages you might stop at a precious image of a pretty blue ruffled eyelet dress held by toddling legs with rosy dimpled knee caps and “tiny little feet with tiny little toes” in talking slippers named Little Twin and Other Twin…
“All pretty in pink, with four gray stripes. Smiling atop each, a white whiskered kitty
with deep black eyes and yellow nose, round as a penny.”
Hmmm. Sounds like a kids book to me!
But here’s the deal. It’s also about
Please know, as of today I’ve read THTH to MANY, MANY boys and girls…
ALL grown-ups who have each racked up between 20 and 90 years of life!
It’s a telling phenomenon this diverse age group from wildly varied back grounds
universally found every hap, hap, happy phrase on every curiously compelling page,
delightfully engaging and honestly worth their while.
A 50ish years young friend told of reading THTH to his wife before going to sleep then reporting,
“it was magical.” So maybe it’s a bedtime story for baby boomers.
For certain, the introduction and afterword are ONLY FOR GROWN-UPS. The body of the story waits for EVERYONE to enjoy and learn applicable lessons for each age and stage of life.
It IS an unusual book and a challenge to categorize into only one genre but I am thankful THTH appropriately landed in Self-Help, Affirmation.
I’ve heard rumbling that it’s a children’s book yet on a grandiose scale that would be akin to saying Richard Bach’s best selling happening
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, was strictly for bird enthusiasts.

To summarize, Traveling Home to Happiness is me.
Decidedly Square. Visually not so thick but of many, many layers in wait to be known.
Vaguely traditional, but somehow for all of time. Rarely tolerates editing.
Turn our pages to discover giggles and smiles, and maybe a tear or two.
If of open mind and heart, with several encounters you may begin to know and appreciate,
yet very, very few will truly fully understand.
We are both incredibly flawed perfection,
yet holding unique qualities to help others wing their way through life.
We are consistently of LOVE and TRUTH and for those willing,
our gift to YOU is Freedom

So, unless infinitely happy and content,
gift yourself this partly true fable with a minimal investment of time and tender.
Live the Undeniable Truths, The Secrets to Happiness and the simple, time-tested morals and manners
taught in THIS LITTLE BOOK WITH A BIG MESSAGE and lasting happiness can be yours.
Conceived, Written, Published and Printed in the United States of America.

Cover art and all illustrations by Vicki Shuck.
At just five, her first paint-by-number set opened a world of art that Vicki has loved all her life.
She is passionate creating impressionistic oil painting, illustrations for publications,
inspirational artwork for Esperanza Arts and teaching all ages about her loved craft.
Happy at home with husband, fellow artist Gary Vincent and their furry little Tobey in Bend, OR.
Please visit and enjoy her talent at and her Etsy store, Esperanza Arts.

Back cover photo by Kriss Riggs Photography