Love these songs


Trading Yesterday – More Than This Album

A FIRST! Hear me yap on YouTube about my new favorite album and how I love, love, love every single song offered on “More Than This” by Trading Yesterday now known as The Age of Information. Warning! If an audio equipped drone passes over my house on the hill it will likely be blasted from the sky by me belting out each song. I’ll spare you that and hope you enjoy David Hodges mesmerizing voice singing from afar each delight from “More Than This.” Hmmmm, can’t pick a favorite… but please don’t miss ‘Revolution’ or any of the other fantabulous songs!”

David Hodges – Fall Into You
David Hodges – Breathe

As I discover more, seems the voice of David Hodges can do no wrong. Love, love, love Fall Into You and Breathe, telling lyrical tales by former lead singer of Trading Yesterday David Hodges featuring Amy Lee.

Van Morrison – Someone Like You
Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately
Van Morrison – When The Leaves Come Falling Down

I don’t understand much about the internet. Now I don’t understand YouTube. Sometimes more songs will play after these. Sometimes not. Sometimes there are ads. Sometimes not.  What I do understand is I love these songs and if you like, I hope you’ll give them a listen. From your phone hop back here with back arrow and from other devices favorites bar should get you back. Enough.

Listening, I SEE this gifted singer in a barely lit haze of a room, slouched in an old leather club chair casually singing these songs to himself as he looks up from a wrinkled newspaper. Admittedly making this up, he was told his voice wasn’t right for the masses, not Joe Cocker, but just not ORDINARY enough for ORDINARY audiences. Powers in the industry thought Van Morrison didn’t have the face to grace large album covers of the day and odds were against him as a singer.

A step back to reality. Instead, not held in trappings of good looks, whatever that is, he has been an extremely prolific and successful artist. Thank you Van Morrison for not folding and molding yourself to comply with standards set by others. Thank you for your unique and EXTRAORDINARY voice that makes me melt each time I hear you. Thank you Van Morrison for being Van Morrison.