Free Trade Agreement


Why an agreement? Because assumptions are messy and avoidable disappointments should be… avoided. Bill Whitlatch, who if you didn’t know one day you’ll wish you had, often said,
“What we have here is a failure to communicate,” a rough quote from the 1967 classic, Cool Hand Luke. I don’t want to fail to communicate, so with sincere effort to ensure the best possible relationship, this agreement defines expectations for the exchange (trade) of ideas, opinions and beliefs while visiting
Many agreements are intentionally incomprehensible, in tiny print at the end of a document.
Not read. Not understood.
I prefer an honest, up front and direct agreement. An honest, up front and direct relationship.

Please know, for me every exchange with another being is a relationship.
Even if only a passing wave to a stranger, I believe EVERY relationship should be…
kind, decent, sincere, honest and fair.
Seems the minimum to ask and expect from civilized creatures. But why settle for minimums?
GOOD relationships are also engaging, enjoyable and exceed expectations.

GREAT relationships are thought provoking and at times wonderfully challenging.
GRAND relationships find each free and confident to reveal their most vulnerable self. 

The VERY BEST relationships SHINE when BOTH parties
feel they’re getting the best end of the deal or agreement.

At Whitlatch Words
if a passing wave, a good, great or grand relationship, I want YOU to shine!
Let’s not be messy with assumptions, let’s avoid disappointments,
let’s communicate and enjoy the very best relationship.
Then, we’ll both get the best end of this agreement!

Free Trade Agreement
I hold freedom to kindly and honestly
disagree or agree with ideas, opinions and beliefs offered by others.
Since I can’t yet know what is mine to learn today,
I also hold freedom to change my mind and beliefs,
no matter how strongly held in the past,
when and if a brilliant opposing belief is offered and accepted.
I welcome all respectful and honest comments, opinions and beliefs.
Though an increasingly private being,
you hold freedom to ask respectful and honest questions
and I hold freedom to answer, or not, at my discretion.

Thank you in advance for shining through this agreement.