Traveling Home to Happiness

I welcome your questions and comments about this LITTLE BOOK with THE BIG STORY…  Traveling Home to Happiness.  Take a peek and get more info visiting the Store and Traveling Home to Happiness pages. I’m so proud to offer this partly true fable to brilliant beings from 2 to 102 and wish everyone was reading it tonight! Publisher tells me she made it through vetting, the last of MANY processes before going to print. Wonderful news!!! We now have assurance my girls, Gretta the pug, and Bessie the long hair doxie mix, have no plans to sue over content or images, though Gretta is a bit put out Bessie looks slimmer than she really is.   Julie


2 thoughts on “Traveling Home to Happiness”

    1. No hiding, hello Carol and Spencer! Carol, in 5th grade could you have imagined your bratty blond friend who never did her share of peddling tandem would one day write A LITTLE BOOK with A BIG STORY, Traveling Home to Happiness? Spencer, when Bill and I stood with you and Carol, JUST US FOUR at your wedding, could you have imagined our healthy, brash, brilliant blue eyed Bill would seemingly be gone from our sites on August 1, 2014, yet forever free flying bright and sunny skies far beyond our measure? No hiding this. Each day is a gift. Embrace it, and each other. I love you both so much, Julie

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