“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” Ayn Rand

What if…

Mankind is no more.  The grand gift of Love and light replaced with eternal darkness.

Almighty Love reflects with deep sadness,

“In Love and Truth you could have lived in a world without end made simple and easy to maintain. Yet you, my flock of the smallest minority of one, blindly followed those of hate. With a mind to think and question, you believed those who lied. Gifted the constant reminder… ‘REMEMBER TO LOOK UP’ you kept your heart and head down and followed the path of darkness. ‘REMEMBER TO LOOK UP’ again and again I tried to save you, yet always and only it was your choice… Light over darkness? Love over hate? You loved objects more than beings with souls who could love back. You treated your body with disrespect. You worshipped those covered in gold. You made life so difficult yet in your grasp was always the ease of Love and Truth.

“Please? Your choice of squandering your gift of life, was it worth the end of humanity? You are loved, yet you strayed from Love. Truth is in wait for the asking, yet you didn’t ask. Kindness surrounds you, yet you invited kindness to leave. Did you not hear Remember to look up?”

In the empty eclipse of what could have been, humanity was lost. Confined in forever darkness of hate, distain and judgment, an old reel to reel clicks and spins as it replays the final days that caused this cruel fate. Stunned, the lifeless cold being learns it wasn’t nuclear war, global warming, worldwide famine or chemical warfare that determined this bleak fate. You come to know and accept YOU held shared responsibility for the collective demise. Though seemingly innocent because unaware your actions held such power, ALL are held accountable.

That’s it. All done. The end…. almost.

What if….

Forgiving Almighty Love held pity on the calloused ignorance of His flock and granted a do-over? “In a blink of an eye and in no time at all” a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZIP wakes ALL from sleep and the reels rewind for a second chance.

Life rarely offers do-overs, but if you held vision of the future from the antiquated reel to reel, what would YOU be willing to do for a different outcome? What would you give to insure time and a life worth living for your children and their children?  What would YOU do, no matter how challenging and difficult, to sustain MANKIND? And what if that grand responsibility was YOURS, the smallest minority of ONE?

What if you learned from the ancient reel to reel devise that the destruction of mankind was indeed a man-made disaster that could have been avoided? What if mankind ended simply because…


What if God, if you don’t know God some Master Manipulator, engineered MANKIND to run smoothly for eternity with one simple requirement… keep lives well greased and the ingredients for the life sustaining grease was simply LOVE, TRUTH and KINDNESS?

Most likely today will not deliver the end of MANKIND, but what if this is it? We don’t get a do-over. Are we willing to try our best to be loving, truthful and kind to each other? To ourselves?

Seems lines have been drawn in politics, environment and race issues, gay vs. straight, capitalism vs. socialism, big government vs. small  government. On and on. We are firm and passionate as we stand divided on our side of the line and at times “HATE” is flung over that line to the opposing side. Does HATE offer acceptance of opposing beliefs?  “Hate” is not only heard and felt, it has resonating power.  SO DOES LOVE.

In the United States of America can we unite and accept that each and every individual holds FREEDOM to be who they want to be. To believe what they want to believe.  Aren’t we each a minority of ONE?

We grown-ups toss out “tolerance.” Instead of saying it, let’s live it!

Babies don’t land in life with intolerance, prejudice or hate. We teach those dreadful qualities if not by our words, by our actions. Maybe we can learn from the brilliance and innocence of a child… “I do me, you do you.” And from Bill Whitlatch, another brilliant being who even at 58 years, 8 months, 8 days embraced the wonderment of youth, “Tend to your own knittin.” Last, from this girl of many years. Be kind. Love all. Live truth. Play nice and leave judgment to One who has done no wrong.

Please count on this truth, I LOVE YOU ALL,
Julie (Truly, Trulie)
… and if you dare… please share… thank you.


4 thoughts on ““The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” Ayn Rand”

  1. There is a wonderful message in those paragraphs. Thank you for the clarity that is hard to see through the muck!

    1. Dearest Jillerina Ballerina,
      Seems only yesterday you were a wee one toddling your way through life side by side with twin Jason, older sis Jenny in lead. Then, “in a blink of an eye and in no time at all”*, Uncle Bill and I were hugging you at your high school graduation. Then, exactly two years ago, 8/15/2014, we gathered in tears to remember his grand life.
      That’s how life goes.
      Embrace each moment of each day. Live with purpose. Make a difference.
      For me two things really matter, LOVE and TRUTH.
      Uncle Bill was my world. After he died I felt incredible pain because I didn’t know where that love would go and without love, life didn’t matter.
      I’ve come to know many things. Life matters. We ALL have reason to be. LOVE IS LIMITLESS.
      I’m called to write and share and LOVE ALL.
      “Today, and for all tomorrows, I have another plan. What if we try our best to treat others as we’d like them to treat us? Like True Friends.”*
      Thank you dear one for being your most wonderful self. As I’m not so good at social media and just learning computery stuff, if you like, please share….
      I love you,
      Aunt Julie
      * from Traveling Home to Happiness

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