“Remember to look up.” For two years those words have echoed in my mind.

For two years I’ve tried to understand. For two years I’ve heard “Remember to look up” with such conviction, over and over again and two years later I’m no closer to understanding, “Remember to look up.”

Look up to… God? Look up to… the expanse of the universe? Look up to… impending ominous weather? Look up to… ethereal goodness and grace? Look up to… what has no beginning, no ending? Look up to… question everything I think I know? Look up to… understand life may end but souls remain for eternity?

Or. Remember to look up… to the ephemeral beauty of clouds before they are gone. And that’s why captivating images of clouds drift about this site.

Live with love. Live with truth. Be calm and sure but question what you think you know, because for two years I thought each of those answers were correct. Maybe ALL are correct. Yet, “Remember to look up” still haunts me.

Please. Remember to look up to the clouds. And to the clouds on this site. If you squint, you may see them pulse… wanting to move and change because that’s what clouds do. Forever gone, but for a snap in time.

Thank you BLO for your gift of clouds.   Julie

9 thoughts on ““Remember to look up.” For two years those words have echoed in my mind.”

  1. Julie just love this, how awesome and its so good for the soul. Can’t wait to see more. Very exciting!!! Glad Sharon shared this on facebook. We love you and so proud of you and your journey to life’s little secrets of happiness and family and love… Love Dad and Cindie

    1. Thank you Dad and Cindie. Makes me hap, hap, happy you like the site. Also, thanks to my sisters Sharon and Linda for their Facebook postings. I was advised by my publisher to “have a strong Facebook presence,” but if you know me, you know I’ve all but shunned social media and I’m not so good at following advice. Instead I’ll share my thoughts at Whitlatch Words and hope family, friends and kind souls yet to meet will share my little site on the giant that is Facebook. Love to all, Julie

  2. My beautiful friend,
    I am so blessed by your beauty,grace,friendship and love. You give so much of yourself and share your journey, which is truly a blessing to so many! Your creativeness knows no boundaries.

    I am so excited to share your amazing book with friends and family!

    Thank you for being you! The sun will come up tomorrow!

    1. Hello dear one and thank you for your kind and generous words.

      Few, perhaps only you, will understand this. After Bill died I tried to sing our song telling myself to “practice what I preached” but only weak and tearful squeaks came from my always trembling lips. But I kept trying…

      Today, please know my bit of help on Christmas eve 2013, your return gifts of the Keurig and Bill’s meaty certificate were made even more special by my memory of him hollering with a smile from the kitchen, “Pookie, not only does it make a damn good cup of coffee, it’s a G__ damn night light too.” Referencing the blue glow from the water carafe. Angie, a belated THANK YOU for that unintended gift in forever memory.

      Just as Mount Shasta is still in view, so is your card. Hmmm, wonder if my distant neighbors ever hear me belting out “The sun will come out tomorrow… ”

      I love you,

  3. Patience, belief and understanding. Everything is planned and everything is already known. Realizing that fact proves to be our greatest challenge. Through endless haze of distraction, the answers still shine bright. As we search about for a clue, a sign.. Patience, belief and understanding provides light, even when we’ve yet to realize we’re in the dark. The truth truly does set us free. It’s there. Look, it’s right in front of your eyes. Let your eyes see truth. Let your eyes filter the sound. Take what you need as it is ALWAYS being provided.

    There is nothing new under the sun. Absolutely nothing.
    Always Looking Up. For Looking Down Shows Us Only Us.

    Thank you “Trulie”, for being here.

    1. Back at you B,
      You’re a Bright and Brilliant Being shining, for those who care to see, your light on Truth. I hear you and please pardon as YOU may have already heard…
      Since Bill died I’ve come to know many things:
      I must maintain a simple, though turns out to be a truly SPECTACULAR life.
      Simple is made easy when focused on LOVE and TRUTH. Only.
      I must abide this mandate, “Above all, write and offer those words to others. It’s important.”
      And, “Remember to look up.”

      Do we agree Truth is synonymous with happiness and contentment? I believe, unless and until that is made known, life is a chore and not lived as the intended given gift. Seems the void of Love and Truth is filled with man-made disasters and manufactured fibs. Happiness is lost in that darkness.

      “A FIB IS A FIB IS A FIB. One fib is a little cloud you hardly notice. But that little fib wants friends and all their friends are fibs too. Pretty soon, there’s another and another and all those creepy fibs bring a dark and ugly cloud that follows you wherever you go, making it really hard to be sunny and bright.” Traveling Home to Happiness

      Yes B, as ancient as all of time, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

    1. Linda,

      Of course! Lyrics to my favorite song… I can hear you singing it and thank you. Wee bit of a situation though. Of the many things I’m learning in writing, one is lyrics to songs if written after 1923, are not in public domain so are EXTREMELY protected. As much as I would love to have those words grace this site, copyright police might haul me to copyright jail and demand a copyright ransom. No kidding. Well, kidding a little. So, if you aren’t familiar with “What a Wonderful World” please check out the lyrics at MetroLyrics.com or have Louis Armstrong belt it out for you on YouTube. The important thing is, I hear you Linda and you hear this, your little sister is just getting warmed up…

      Through the laughter and the tears, through each second of the years,
      I love you,

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